2020 Show Information

With 2020 being such a challenging year, I hope our lights will be able to bring joy to the community.

❄️ I anticipate a busy season knowing that there will be limited options for holiday activities this year.

🎄I have very supportive neighbors, however I still need to be aware of the impact of the display on them.

⛄We normally have a large number of people view from the sidewalk which may be limited due to the need for social distancing.

🚘 Therefore I anticipate a larger number of cars viewing the display, which may result in a shortened playlist when needed to keep traffic moving.

🎁 I will have Venmo/Paypal QR codes available on the donation box for cashless donations, as well as make links available on this page as Embrace Kids *Official* needs the support more than ever.

More information to come on dates and times for this year, but wanted to let everyone know there will be a display!

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